Jinga Juice

Ever wonder what it would taste like if Wheatgrass and Guyabano were combined into one product?

My Jinga Juice just did it! 

Offerring you a nutritional drink that contains the powerful combination of Wheatgrass and Guyabano to provide a healthy and balanced lifestyle for everyone.

Learn more of the nutritional facts about Jinga Juice and how it can help you achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle to do the things that are important to you whether at work, at home or with your social life.

Do you know the many benefits of Wheatgrass? It might not be popular now but My Jinga Juice, with its extensive research, found out the wonders of wheatgrass and what it can do for our body in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle that will enable us to do the most important things that we do in our everyday life.

Who does not know what a Guybano can do to our health specially for cancer? Almost everyone now is aware of the goodness of Guyabano being known as a cancer killer. 

My Jinga Juice also offers the Jinga Juice Pack where you get FREE 2 Jinga Juice Boxes when you buy 10 Jinga Juice boxes for only P7,799 and you are automatically registered as a Jinga Juice Dealer and start your Jinga Juice Business!

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